Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer Reading Suggestion #6

These two books, The Sorceress and The Necromancer, are the continuation of the Nicholas Flamel 6 book series. In this EXCITING book, we see how Perenelle is truly a very powerful Sorceress. She continues to be kept captive on Alcatraz...along with an army of monsters that are waiting to be awakened by Dr. John Dee so that he can control the world. Dee thinks that by keeping Perenelle on Alcatraz, her powers are diminished...but wait...he underestimates her. Dee fails to consider that Perenelle is very resourceful! In this book, Perenelle shows how powerful she really is, not only in fighting, but in her ability to get help in unexpected ways. Of course, Sophie and Josh are still being hunted and trying to protect them are Nicholas, Joan of Arc and Comte de Saint-Germain. Additionally, introduced in this book are new characters such as the immortals William Shakespeare, Palamedes, and Billy the Kid! I truly LOVED reading this book. It showed me a different side of Perenelle.

In The Necromancer, the Dark Elders are EXTREMELY angry that Dr. Dee has not been able to get the missing pages of The Codex. Now he is a wanted man. What does he do when he learns of this? He RUNS! Dee is a desperate man who does desperate things to attain his goal...that of controlling the world. Josh learns the magic of fire, but is lured by Dee shortly thereafter. His jealousy of his sister's powers has blinded his thinking. He falls under the persuasive powers of Dee. Will Josh unwittingly help Dee summon Coatlicue, the Mother of Gods, for the purpose of destroying the Dark Elders? No one knows!! The answer is in book 5, The Warlock to be released in 2011. The last book, The Enchantress will be released in 2012. I CAN'T WAIT!