Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Authors choose their book titles very carefully. Sometimes the title is very obvious and sometimes not! I love trying to figure out what is the meaning behind the title of whatever book I am reading. In yesterday's post about Divergent, I mentioned that Tris had a secret ability. If you think about what the word "divergent" means, you'll get an understanding of why she must keep her ability secret throughout the book. The meaning of the title of the following book is a little bit more obvious.

Today's books I'm encouraging you to read is the Relic Master, a series of 4 books by Catherine Fisher. This series was first published in England in 1998! The first publishing in the US was in May of this year. I LOVED the fact that the publishing company chose to release each of the 4 books, one month apart! I didn't have to wait four years to read the whole thing. I'm actually awaiting the arrive of the fourth book, as it was just published last week.

In the Relic Master, the world of Anara is literally crumbling. Forests are dieing, winter is prolonged, and the "stars" are beginning to fall! Notice that I put "stars" in quotation marks. The fate of this world lies on the Relic Master (Galen) and his apprentice (Raffi). Relic Masters were a society of people who sought out powerful, mysterious, ancient relics. They collected them and hid them from the Watch, the opposing faction. Think of GOOD versus EVIL. Galen and Raffi seek the one powerful relic that could save their world. It is a dangerous journey, but they manage to get help from unusual places. There are those who will stop at nothing to prevent Galen and Raffi from finding the relic!

Tomorrow's review will be the Incarceron books by Catherine Fisher.