Thursday, August 25, 2011


Today's recommendation is a series by one of my favorite authors, Margaret Peterson Haddix. The books pictured above are not in order, but it gives you the titles of all in the series. You must start with Among the Hidden if you want to get a good understanding of what happens throughout the books.

In this futuristic society, there food shortages have occurred due to drought. In response to this dire situation, the government puts in place laws that are to help relieve the food shortages. One of those laws is to control population growth by limiting each family to having a maximum of two children. The Population Police is formed to enforce this law. If found, the third (or more) child is put into prison or given a death sentence. As parents of these children tried to keep them safe and hidden, they became known as Shadow Children.

Luke Garner was one of those shadow children. His family lived out in the country and so he was allowed to go out during certain times of the day. He was able to spend some time in the nearby woods. However, one day, bulldozers came and tour down some of the woods in order to build homes that belonged to the Barons, an upper class society, many who had ties with the government. Luke no longer could go outside, mostly because one of the houses was very close to his family's. Things looked bleak until Luke sees another shadow child in the house next door. Thus begins the journey to free all families and their shadow children from oppression, Luke being one of the key players.....

Read one; read them all. The books are fast paced, interesting, and full of tension...LOVE IT!

Tomorrow's review will be Dragon Keeper by Carole Wilkinson.