Monday, September 24, 2012

Artifacts Day

Over the last few weeks, students in my Social Studies classes have been studying about The 5 Themes of Geography and Cultural Universals, characteristics that all cultures share. 

Today we celebrated Artifacts Day.  Students were asked to bring an item that would be considered an artifact.  Most of the artifacts were personal family treasures.  Take a look at what some of the students brought to share.  This was an optional activity.

I didn't take notes, so I hope I remembered correctly.  I'll change any info that is not correct, so do let me know!  A HUGE thank you to all the students who participated and to the parents for allowing them to bring their treasures to school.
Colin with a Laotian          
rice container.   This          
was filled with rice             
and taken out by                 
his grandfather to
the field where he 

Haley with a scale
over 100 years old --
when postage was still
2 cents!

Autumn's grandmother      
handstitched this Native    
American outfit.  The        
dress was made of deer    

Max has foreign currency
from before 1950s.  He
also had a copy of a military
enlistment/registration form.

Gabby brought in an          
oil lamp, medicine              
bottle, and milk bottle        
that were found in her        
grandfather's farm.             

Britanny has an old
film camera --
precursor to our digital
recorders.  She also
has her uncle's Army
engineering yearbook.

 Jack showed the students
an old fashioned coffee