Sunday, December 15, 2013

Science - Separating Mixtures

Only five more weeks in Science and then on to Social Studies.  We have started our Chemistry unit.  This past week, my Hour 1 and Hour 2 students had a lab on Separating Mixtures.  Take a look at what they did:

Then we had the Butler Choir students come in to sing Christmas carols!


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Social Studies: Summarizing and Presenting Text

This past week, students have been reading about the Golden Age of Athens (Ancient Greece).  They were given a topic within the chapter.  Various students worked in a group.  After they had summarize their topic, they presented to the classroom.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Science - Tools of the Astronomers

Students are currently learning about stars and galaxies.  In these pictures, students see how difficult it is to see details of distant objects in space by being on earth.  They used transparencies to simulate our earth's atmosphere.  The single boy down the hall is our "space probe" doing a flyby and sending back detailed images of the object. The student had to come back and give details of what he saw.

Science -- Diffusion

Students doing an experiment that shows the process of diffusion using potatoes slices and salt water.

The Royal Game of Ur

Yesterday, students ate dates, one of the fruits important during the period of Ancient Mesopotamia.  They also played the Royal Game of Ur, similar to our Backgammon of today or the Senet game of Ancient Egypt.

Want to learn how to play, go here:

Practicing Writing Short Response Answers

Earlier this year, I noticed that my students had problems answering to short response questions.  As a result of this, in Social Studies, my students are learning about the proper way to respond to questions by reading text or viewing an image.  Students are learning the three basic parts to this type of response:  restating the question, providing evidence from the text or visual image using key words, and writing a concluding statement.  These are being taught as mini-lessons at the beginning of class, about twice or three times a week.  This skill will be transferable to other subject areas.

 Here you see some students looking at another class's writing (no names on papers).  Students used a rubric (green paper) to evaluate the written response.  This helped students think about how they needed to write short answers.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Microscope Unit

My Hours 1 and 2 students are currently learning about cells and cell functions.  These last two weeks, they have been doing various labs; some using actual microscopes and others using microviewers.  AND......because it is a family affair, on Sunday,  my husband helped set up my class to look somewhat like a science lab!

Here he is setting it up:

Here are my students from Hour 1 looking at cheek and onion cells.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Classy Vertebrates Activity!

Tomorrow is the Unit A test on Classification.  Students practiced today sorting animals into the different types of vertebrates.