Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Medieval Mini-Biography Project

Wow!  This assignment is not even due until tomorrow, but look at how many projects have come in!!!

The assignment was for students to choose one person from a list of famous people who lived during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Only two students were assigned per name.  That way, there could be a variety of illustrious persons.   Students were then to look for information in four areas:  Who (background), What (job, profession), Why (why was this person important -- most important thing) and How (how this person influenced the Middle Ages).  Additionally, students were to write their own opinion about their person.  This last one was having students take a look at all they had learned about their person and come to a conclusion regarding traits the person had to succeed or fail, as well as what students felt about their person after studying him/her.

Take a look at the projects and take a look at some opinion paragraphs!

  Grace's project

Savannah's project