Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Primary Sources Hours 1 and 2

My students were learning about primary sources today in Social Studies. The activity I prepared for them was to have them practice drawing conclusions and making inferences, just like historians do every day.

I chose Civil War images because it was a very well document period in history. Pairs of students were given various pictures from the Civil War.  It was also an easy thing for them to practice the specific skills I wanted.  Students were also given a record sheet with three columns.  The first column was to put down what they observed.  The second column was for them to tell the story or drawing conclusions/inferences.  The third column was for questions they still have.

Since I didn't have magnifying glasses for the class to view the pictures, students could use their iPads to magnify.  Some chose to take a picture of the picture.  The attached short movie clip is from my first hour class.  These two students had the right idea and used their technology to practice the skills taught!  YAY!!

I thought you'd enjoy this.