Friday, March 21, 2014


Various teachers from Butler Middle School went to see Divergent on opening night.  We all read Veronica Roth's book and decided to go together to enjoy the show!  Can you identify Mrs. Haupt, Mrs. Harrington, Mrs. Evans, Mrs. Garrigan, Mrs. Ottenad, Mrs. Robarge, Mrs. Koenig, and Mrs. Vanden Heuvel??

Mrs. Vanden Heuvel made Divergent t-shirts for Mrs Evans and herself.  Thanks, Mrs. Vanden Heuvel!

Fine print:
One Choice Can Define You
One Choice Can Transform You
One Choice Can Destroy You

Social Studies: Royal Game of Ur

What better way to learn about a culture playing a game?  Students are playing the Royal Game of Ur.

Science - Color Lab

My students are finishing the Metrics unit in science.  Here they are doing a color lab where they measure a specific amount of colored water, do some mixing, and end up with the rainbow!

Science - Studying Vertebrates

Students did two activities having to do with characteristics of vertebrates.  The first was to play a game called Classy Vertebrates.  Here they had to classify groups of vertebrates according to what class they belonged. 

The second activity was to view animal videocams from different zoos across the US.  Then they were to write down their observations.  Here are some images of these activities.

 Observing animals at zoos via webcams:

Playing the Classy Vertebrates:

Monday, March 10, 2014

Follow the Bouncing Ball -- Science

This was a fun activity!  Students used metrics to collect data for a ball bounce activity.  This is part of our measurement unit in Science.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Cave Art Activity

After learning about Stone Age man, students learned about Stone Age cave drawings, mostly from Lascaux cave paintings in France.  Then they created their own art, the Stone Age way!

Otzi WebQuest

Don't know who Otzi is?  Go here.  This is the webquest students did to learn about Stone Age man on their iPads.  Later, they got into groups and discussed the results.

Working on Cultural Universals